Namibia: Geingob, Masisi Discuss Water Security

President Hage Geingob reportedly met a potential investor for an ambitious desalination project which could be implemented as a partnership between Namibia and Botswana.

The meeting took place at State House on Thursday during Botswana president Mokgweetsi Masisi’s visit to Namibia. Masisi was in Namibia for a one-day “working visit”.

The details of the meeting only became known after Masisi tweeted about it on Thursday night.

“They have started talks with an investor who is offering to desalinate water from the Atlantic Ocean and supply them. Being a good neighbour and alive to our water challenges, president Geingob invited us to come and meet the investor and also share thoughts on the project,” Masisi said in his tweet.

The identity of the potential investor is still unknown to The Namibian at this point.

State House press secretary Alfredo Hengari refused to reveal the details of Thursday’s meeting, but only sad the two presidents held talks bordering on common challenges and opportunities the two countries share, “with the view of cooperating, especially in the areas of water infrastructure and sustainable development”.

He refused to answer detailed questions sent to him on Friday.

Hengari however said on Thursday the water scarcity situation the two drought-stricken countries face and plans to partner on a desalination project were central to the meeting.

“Following presentations on opportunities to scale up water provision, the two presidents directed technical experts to work out further modalities and to report back on the feasibility of such common projects,” Hengari said.

Thursday’s visit was the second by Masisi to Namibia in a space of one month.


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