Ethiopia Sets Up Higher Education Quality Council

Addis Ababa — Ministry of Science and Higher Education said that the establishment of Ethiopian higher education quality Council is instrumental in ensuring comprehensive human development and driving Ethiopian prosperity wheel well.

Speaking at the occasion to officially set up the council, Science and Higher Education Minister Samuel Urkato (Ph.D) noted that the Council could add value to the nation human development efforts and pave the education programs as per the education policy in a more productive fashion.

He further stated that though Ethiopia has registered remarkable achievements in increasing access to education, quality, which has been requested for years by the community and other stakeholders, hasn’t been yet met at all levels.

The incumbent has been working for quality education through devising various mechanisms in collaboration with pertinent stakeholders as it is the major inquiry of the country.

“Since the establishment of the Council is a major step, we have to invite expertise and potential professionals towards framing steps how human development can be ensured thereby fostering national prosperity and development. Hence, we should bring the culture of science to the communities and let them participate in developing it into practical aspects,” he underlined.

According to him, as education is one of the fundamental factors for development, higher education institutions have to attach due emphasis to it to foster its contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.

According to Samuel, today, more than ever before in human history, the wealth or poverty of nations highly depends on the quality of higher education since no country could assure progress as per societal expectation or economic development, peace, serenity, democratic culture tolerance and mutual respect without a good training and research system.

The Council should be free from and kind of political affiliation and the incumbent is ready to provide it with all the necessary support to make it productive as per the intended target.

He further noted that the government has revised the education policy so as to fit with the reality on the ground; other modalities are also developed to make sure all stakeholders partake in the education system.

Advisor to the Prime Minster Prof, Hirut Woldemariam on her part stated that the establishment of the Council can play a fundamental role in shaping the education system of Ethiopia. Quality education could not be materialized and achieved without the active engagements of the stakeholders.

“I believe the commencement of Council is an asset as well as an opportunity in building feasible education system that fit the existing scenario in the country, she noted.

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