Tanzania: U.S. Govt Explains Why U.S. Military Flight Is Parked At Nyerere Airport

Dar es Salaam — The United States of America has explained the reasons for the country’s military plane type C-17 Globemaster landing at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar es Es Salaam.

Photos of the military plane bearing a US flag and initials AMC parked at the JNIA airport started circulating online on Thursday, July 01, with people speculating the reasons behind the plane’s arrival – some stating it has brought Covid-19 vaccines.However, a US embassy official, Michael Pryor has cleared the air, explaining that the military aircraft is in Dar es Salaam to deliver supplies for the US embassy.

Without mentioning the kinds of supplies that are being offloaded, Mr Pryor said the plane’s arrival is routine – a trip that happens at least once a year, delivering important supplies to the US embassy in Tanzania and other neighbouring countries. He said that the plane is expected to jet off soon as they finish offloading the supplies.


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