Ethiopia: Foreign Nationals Voice Concerns On TPLF’s Child Soldiers

ADDIS ABABA -Some foreigners have voiced concerns on the open use of child soldiers by the TPLF terrorist group and called on the international community to hold accountable the perpetrators of such serious war crime .

International Security and Justice Adviser Prof. Ann Fitz-Gerald twitted that the world must strongly condemn the use of child soldiers in Tigray as this is a war crime. Evidences suggest that the scale of this TPLF mobilization of child soldiers is comparable to that of J Kony’s LRA. The world’s silence in the face of this disaster will be a generational shame.

Former member of the European Parliament Anna Gomez on her part twitted that it was unfortunate that the TPLF terrorist had put children at the forefront of terrorism.

“All my solidarity with Ethiopians anxious for Peace, Democracy, and genuine Development,” TPLF has been designated as a terrorist group by Ethiopian Parliament,” she added.

Clinical Professor of Neurology, Founder and president of People to People, Enawgaw Mehari also said that recruiting children to fight a war must be criminal. Children must be at school.What would the media say if these kids were from USA/Europe? Hypocrisy, STOP IT!


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