Cameroon: Value-Chain Agriculture – Financing Opportunities Presented to Promoters

14 oct. 2021 11:16

For those dealing in agricultural chain produce in the small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit they will have to group themselves into Common Initiative Group and NGOs.

Cameroon Bank for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises has presented it Agro Window scheme to agricultural cooperatives, small and medium-sized enterprise, small-scale production units and craftsmen. Agro Window has a mission to mobilise financial resources at the national and international levels for the financing of cooperatives, finance projects developed by cooperatives and SMES, be a catalyst to increase the supply of financing to cooperatives and help cooperatives strengthen their financial capacities.

To this end, the SME Promotion Agency has established technical support in implementing specific tailored products such as: the financing of agricultural and agri-food contracts through contract farming schemes; the financing of production equipment through micro-leasing schemes and the strengthening of securities through mutual guarantee.

Taku Gilbert Ayuk, manager of client service of the bank, said to benefit from the bank financing opportunities, one must be a client of the bank, have an agricultural or agri-food activity, be a bearer of an agricultural development project and have a rural activity. All these were presented to some 80 promoters on Friday October 8, 2021, at the Handicraft Village in Limbe.

Ewusi Mbongo Eric, Deputy Director General of SMEPA, told the press that it is generally difficult for those in small-sized enterprise to have access to loans and that it is even complicated for those in the food sector. But the putting in place of the Agro Window in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Bank is therefore a response to see that small and medium-sized enterprises have finances at their disposal. He indicated that the pilot phase was launched in Douala in September 2021. He called on those present to moblise so that when the mechanism starts operating, it will be easy for them to access the finances.


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