Liberia: Hippo FC Snatch Margibi Referee Super Cup

Hippo FC has maintained their Championship after defeating Juba Sisters 2-1 in the 2020/2021 Margibi County Referee Super Cup at the Unification City Stadium in Kakata, Margibi County.

The Hippopotamus Football Club, which is a pride of the county, is helping young women to continue to lace up in their cleats in playing soccer at a high level.

Hippo FC thru Harbel College is giving every athlete an opportunity to attend free College while playing soccer as a lifetime pursuit as part of the college’s dream to lure young females to engineering.

The hippopotamus is made up of players from junior and senior high schools, and college stars. Some of them play for the Liberia Football Association Women’s National Team.

The Hippopotamus girls began their season game against City Football Academy with a goal on November 22, 2021, at the Nancy B. Doe Stadium.

Hippo FC players, Leda Johnson, Komassah Sumo, Martina Harris, Odell, and Belleek have played for the Liberia Football Association female national team.

They defeated Margibi Sisters 3-0 in the Margibi Referee Super Cup at Unification City Stadium on November 16, 2021, and travelled to Eastern Monrovia where they played against Ambassador in the Orange/LFA women’s League on Saturday, November 21, 2021, at the Tusa Field in Gardnersville in a 3-1 defeat before returning to Unification City for the final match recently against Jabu Sisters with a 2-1 victory to maintain the championship.

For his part, Hippo FC head coach, George Pele said the league has a lot of talents adding that close to 250 women who had played in the LFA have signed professional contracts.

He noticed that the opportunity for women to play in the league at the highest level is still there because this is like the feeder league for the National Team of Liberia and professional team abroad.

However, the President of Hippo FC Snamie Tarkor, say women can play soccer and earn a college degree while out of college and still play if they have love and passion for the game.

Some of the players are still in college helping themselves prepare for the seasons. The Margibi County female-based team escaped relegation last season, an experience that is still fresh in their minds.

Former Maryland County player, Ade Harris, who scored two goals on her second debut said, it was a great experience to play for Hippopotamus kingdom while continuing her education to the college level.


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