South Africa: Tshwane Metro – From Coalition Negotiations to Utility Bills Totalling Over R1-Billion – Council Has Its Work Cut Out

Voting could have gone either way in the City of Tshwane this week, with no outright winner after the 2021 local elections, but in the end, the DA’s Randall Williams retained his position as mayor in a hung council with no formal coalition. Daily Maverick fired 10 quick questions to the City’s mayoral chief of staff Jordan Griffiths.

Tshwane has had turbulent governance since the 2016 local elections, with no outright majority. This pattern continued in the 2021 elections, with the DA winning 32.03% of the vote, which gives it 69 seats. The ANC won 34.63% of the vote, which gives it 75 seats. ActionSA won 8.64% for 19 seats and the EFF won 10.69%, winning 23 seats.

There was no formal coalition agreement before the first crunch sitting of council on Tuesday this week.

In the end, the status quo was retained — the DA’s Randall Williams was re-elected mayor and Rachel Katlego Mathebe remained Speaker of the council, with no contestation from the ANC which declined to nominate candidates.

The DA mayoral victory was thanks to voter support from ActionSA and the EFF, as was the case in the Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni metros.

As there is no formal…


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