Djibouti: Ethiopians, Friends of Ethiopia Sang ‘No More’ At the African Peace Walk in Djibouti

Ethiopians living in Djibouti have participated today in the 14th edition of the African Peace Walk held in Arta, Djibouti.

During the 10kms Peace Walk, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia have voiced the now popular movement dubbed “No More” that called for an end to mainstream media misrepresentations of the situation in Ethiopia and meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

High-level government officials, Heads of Missions and diplomats as well as nationalities from different countries took part in the African Peace Walk, according to Foreign Affairs Minister.

It is to be recalled that tens of thousands of Ethiopians in the diaspora had held demonstrations in 27 major cities across the globe last Sunday under the Motto ” No More”.

The demonstrators denounced foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and urged western nations to stop supporting the terrorist TPLF which is engaged in distractive activities to dismantle the country in collaboration with internal and external forces.


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