Tanzania: Project Eyes Supporting Science-Related Businesses

THE Future Stem Business Leaders (FSBL) project is looking forward to supporting Tanzanian entrepreneurs who conduct science-related businesses in the country.

The project, which is under the Dar es SalaamTeknohama Business Incubator, will specifically target the young Tanzanians in its continued endeavour to inspire the group to create business ideas that could address problems within communities.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, Future Stem Business Leaders Project Manager, Ms Josephine Sepeku, said that currently the project is engaging students at the high school level to present their science-related business ideas that could make changes to the communities.

“The Future Stem Business Leaders Programme works to support secondary school students to understand the importance of business and how to link to their science education,” she added.

She mentioned that the project will empower people to create their business opportunities, be self-reliant and earn a living.

Mr Simon Kamanga, a teacher at Baobab Secondary School, which is one of the participating schools, said that the project will enable students who are pursuing science subjects to come up with business ideas that may grow to become enterprises.

Science students in eight secondary schools of Dar es Salaam region and five in the Arusha region are expected to benefit from a programme aimed at enhancing their understanding of what they learn in the class.

The three-year phase two projects were launched in March this year in Dar es Salaam. The objective is to help advanced level secondary school students translate what they learn in theory in the classroom into practical knowledge.


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