Africa: ‘I Will Be Here From January 7’

Patrice Motsepe, President of the Confederation of African Football.

What is your appraisal of the state of preparedness in Cameroon?

“My message when we close is that we will all meet in a few weeks’ in Cameroon because this AFCON Cup is a tournament for the people of Cameroon and for the people of Africa. I am so proud and so excited about the work that has been done and you can see that there is a huge commitment and a focus to make sure that some of those issues that are being put in the next few days, good progress has been made.

My message to Africa and the world is that we are going to host in partnership with the government of Cameroon, the people of Cameroon, CAF, that is why I have got my brother here the Vice President and I have also got the Secretary General. And I am very proud to have our very own brand new President Samuel Eto’o. It makes us so proud. We are ready to show the world the best of African football and also the best of African hospitality. We are Africans and a caring and loving people. So, it is going to be a successful AFCON.

Can you confirm that the competition will be hosted from January 9, 2022 as planned?

I am here from January 7 and if I am here on January 7 everybody must be here on January 7. So come January 9 they must kick off. That is also important. We have to believe in our people. We have to stop being the ones that lack confidence and are always expressing sceptical negative news of our own people. All over the world there are competitions where there are challenges and sometimes people get 95 per cent. We have to be more optimistic.

And sometimes we are over critical of ourselves. If we are not going to have confidence in our people who is going to have confidence in our people? So, I am confident, I am excited and I am proud of my brother here. And I am proud of the work that my brother here has done, the government and I told the Governor is here as well, my very own Eto’o, my brother the Vice President of CAF Veron and our Minister.

This is the generation where Africa must believe in Africans. We can host a football competition just as good as you can see in Europe and in the world. So see you when we start on January 9. As I said I going to be here on January 7,2022. I am brining my wife and children because we are Cameroonians.


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