Uganda: Government Intends Ro Spend Shs 43 Trillion Next Financial Year

Government has presented to Parliament the National Budget Frame Work paper indicating that it intends to spend Shs 43 trillion next financial year.

The State Minister for Finance Henry Musasizi who tabled the framework paper said the priority of the new budget will be on infrastructural development, health and implementation of the Parish Development Model where each parish will get Shs 100 million.



The Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, said the paper is not aligned to the fiscal charter which is an illegality.

“The law is clear and that the Charter must be debated and approved by the House before the Budget Framework paper is received by the House,” he said.

In the same sitting Parliament also passed a supplementary budget of Shs 21.5 billion to help Church of Uganda settle some of its outstanding debts.


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