Egypt: Mobica Investments Cooperates With Egypt’s Government, Gems Education to Build Premium National Schools (I-Learn)

In line with the Egyptian Presidential vision for national education, and with the support of the Minister of Planning and Economic Development H.E. Dr. Hala ElSaid, Mobica Investment is so proud to have started a journey alongside our most esteemed partners – the Sovereign Wealth Fund and Gems Education.

“On Monday 20th December we committed to paper our plans for building premium national schools (I-Learn) dedicated to integrating technology into student learning from KG1 , ” Mobica Investments said in a statement.

“We strongly believe that embracing technology shouldn’t be limited to higher education and tech-focused interests and industries, but rather should shape the way students learn and empower their talents and dreams,” it added.

With all the impressive advancements the company is seeing in block chain technology, the meta verse, and most importantly Web 3.0., “We believe that the world is about to embark on a new revolution – one that is currently on an incredibly fair playing field and every country has the opportunity to come out ahead – let’s put in the work to make Egypt ready to learn and then ready to lead,” it said.

Mobica Investments, together with Gems Education and the Egyptian Government will begin building two schools enrolling 5,000 students in 6th October that we expect to be up and running by 2023. We will be seeking strategic partners to create a well-rounded environment for I-Learn students during their enrollment and especially post-graduation.

For example, One Stop will aide in career development and worthy job placements for the prospective esteemed students. With your trust and your support, we believe that we can take this system from two schools to twenty in the foreseeable future – building a generation that can leave their mark on the world.

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