Tanzania: Trio Die After Picking Explosive Object

THREE people have died after picking a metal object believed to be a bomb at Mkuyu Sub Street, Pongwe Sungura village, Msata ward in Chalinze District Council.

Coast Regional Police Commander (RPC), ACP Wankyo Nyigesa confirmed that the incident occurred on Monday. RPC Nyigesa named the deceased as Athuman Ramadhan (20), Maneno Hamis (23) and Abdalah Rajabu (21) who are all farmers and residents of Msata ward.

“This incident occurred on Monday afternoon when the trio were out looking for scrap metals for selling when they came across an iron object and they picked it up. It was at this point that it exploded and killed them,” he said. RPC Wankyo cautioned all individuals who are dealing with collecting and doing scrap metals business to be careful when collecting metals so as not to mix metals and other objects which could cause them serious problems and even death.

” I am calling upon all individuals who are doing scrap metals business to be very careful when collecting the materials to avoid accidents like this one in case they pick up dangerous objects like bombs,” he noted.

In another development, police in Coast Region have taken to court MT 93652 Corporal Chibumba Matete (35) of Tanzania Peoples Defense Force (TPDF) over allegations of killing Bakari Rashid, a resident of Gumba village, Mlandizi in Kibaha district.


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