Kenya: Inadequate Financial Backing Major Hindrance for Women in Politics – TIFA

Nairobi — A new study conducted by Trends for Insights Africa (TIFA) has listed lack of support from communities and inadequate financing as a major hindrance to women who seek to vie for elective seats in Kenya.

The poll which was conducted from February 3-9 among 1,541 respondents, scored the two issues at 50 per cent and 39 percent respectively.

The concerns were shared almost equally among men and women at 50 and 40 per cent respectively.

Thirty-four per cent of the respondents listed lack of confidence, more responsibilities at home, and lack of encouragement from political parties among barriers to women being elected.

Half of the respondents also debunked the claim that women’s win in elections was hindered by their poor educational qualifications for political office.

Another 40 per cent and 38 per cent dismissed the claim that women are not experienced in politics nor lack interest in politics.

As the country gears for the upcoming General Elections set for August 9, the survey noted that there are higher mentions from males than females who intend to run for the Governor, Member of Parliament, and Member of County Assembly seats.

Of all the respondents polled, 10 per cent expressed interest in Governor seats compared to the 13 per cent rate for men.

Twenty-five per cent of women expressed interest in the MCA seat compared to men at 36 per cent while 20 percent of women declared interest for MP seats compared to men at 20 per cent.


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