Tanzania: Uvccm Kibiti Applauds Samia for Uplifting Nation

THE ruling party CCM Youth wing (UVCCM) in Kibiti District, Coast Region on Monday praised the party National Chairperson Samia Suluhu Hassan for her outstanding performance, since she took office as the country’s president a year ago.

They said President Samia’s continued hard work is lifting the nation in all aspects of social, economic and political development, hence, promising their continued support to both the government and the ruling party.

UVCCM Kibiti District Chairman Juma Kassim Ndaruke during the youth wing meeting held here over the weekend, said the aim was to outline Presidents Samia’s one year success and the achievements of the UVCCM in the district for the last five years.

“On behalf of the UVCCM in Kibiti District, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate President Samia, following her one year success which has seen this country continue making a lot progress in terms of development.

“For the past year, Kibiti District has received 2.3bn/- from the central government for development purposes, and most of the funds was directed on the construction of classrooms and now our children are learning in a friendly environment,” said Ndaruke.

Ndaruke added, “The UVCCM youth wing in the district is working hand in hand with the government at district level in making sure that we meet the government’s goals by fully participating in the construction of classrooms from foundation level and attained 100 per cent completion.”

Outlining the achievements of the UVCCM for the last five years, Ndaruke said that the current leadership whose term comes to an end this year, was elected into office on 2017, though, faced some financial difficulties from the grassroots to district level, something which led to stalemate in implementation of many projects, which would otherwise have benefited the party and the community in Kibiti.

“We decided to come up with a strategic plan to encourage the youth participation in political activities, enhancing youth participation and commitment in development activities, improve economic situation among our youth and support the party to continue serving our people,” he said.

Ndaruke added that in an effort to strengthening the party, they have been able to launch more than 30 new branches in various wards within the district, something which has seen the increase of the number of members within the party.

In supporting of the government’s initiative of empowering the youth, he said the party has come up with a strategy of forming youth groups totaling to 85, which have benefited from a loan amounting to 250m/- from the municipal council.

On his side, the Kibiti District Commissioner (DC) Ahmed Abbas, who graced the event praised the outgoing chairman for his good work, especially bringing together the youth within the district and motivating them to partake in development activities.

‘I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the outgoing Chairman of UVCCM Ndaruke for his dedication and for being able to bring the youth together, we all understand how important to link the success of government activities with the youth.


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