Nigeria: Chidinma – the Glamourisation of Crime

The news that Chidinma Ojukwu, the self-admitted killer of the CEO of Super TV, Usifo Ataga, took part in, and won a beauty pageant from prison is not as shocking as Nigerians’ reactions to the report.

Nigerians not only justified the act, many even celebrated it. And it leaves you wondering if our leaders are really the problem, as many pundits have opined. With followers behaving this way, perhaps we need to reassess the problem.

Some have even said that this is a normal practice abroad and there is nothing wrong with it. Not only is that patently untrue, it also betrays our inferiority complex as a nation.

As I said above, it is not true. Yet, even if it were true for the sake of argument, does it mean that because it is done abroad, it is alright for us to do it? Shouldn’t our policies and regulations be sourced from our culture, as long as it is not repugnant? Why would we be expected to do what the Western world does?

To set the record straight, let me state clearly that no developed nation will allow prison or correctional officials to organise a beauty pageant in prison and then glamourise the winners. If those pushing that narrative have examples of such incidents, then I stand to be corrected. Let them produce such examples.

Glamour is different from rehabilitation! Under Buhari, opposition politicians are in jail. How will Nigerians feel if they win elections from jail?

What about Evans, the kidnapper? What about Nice Andrew Omininikoron, the BRT bus driver who is suspected of killing Bamise Ayanwole. How would we feel if we hear that they have won a Mr. Macho contest from prison? We are just justifying evil because a pretty girl is involved!

To those saying a beauty contest is rehabilitation and correctional, why were we all annoyed when Buhari had a graduation party for so-called repentant Boko Haram? Between graduation party and beauty contest, which is more outrageous?

It even makes more sense to educate terrorists than to glamourise alleged murderers. Education, skill acquisition and religious activities are correctional. A beauty contest is a luxury! Luxuries are rewards. Prison is not a place for rewards.

Scripture says, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil”-Ecclesiastes 8:11. If our prisons become places for luxurious and vain living, then criminals would lose their fear of prison, and crime will multiply in society because of impunity!

A prison is a place of punishment and rehabilitation. Once it becomes a place of fun and glamour, then the whole purpose is defeated.

How would the family of Usifo Ataga feel to see Chidinma prancing about as a beauty queen in prison? That is unacceptable. Heads should roll! And if heads do not roll, we must ask whether Chidinma has a prison official daddy who she is making very happy. Because the state of her hair, skin, clothes, and shoes are better than 99% of females that are free in the world outside prison!

And the media should stop calling her an ‘alleged killer’. She admitted killing Usifo Ataga on camera. Once there is an admission, the charge is no longer alleged. It is proven. What is in doubt are the circumstances. Did she do it while under the influence of fear, drugs, or something else that we do not yet know? But that she did it is fact, not allegation.

I just pray that Nigeria will not wake up tomorrow to hear that Chidinma is pregnant for her zaddy in prison. With the way we reason in this country, we will justify it. We will say things like, ‘she is only a prisoner. Her rights are not imprisoned. Making love is reformatory!’

Or perhaps, we may hear that she has been appointed as a brand ambassador for a beauty product. It would not surprise me. Nigerians would also justify that. They would say ‘you could go girl!’ Sadly, that is the way many of us reason in our society. That is why we fell for Buhari’s propaganda and are suffering the result. That is why we believed a lying blackmailer like Omoyele Sowore, who is himself suffering from retributive justice. And that is why an odious fellow, like Bola Tinubu, thinks he can become our President. Because he knows us only too well!

As our young people would say, Nigeria na heavy cruise.

Babachir Lawal was visiting Buhari at Aso Rock while being tried by EFCC.

Abba Kyari was attending the IGP’s son’s wedding party while on suspension.

Chidinma wins a beauty queen from prison.

Ganduje, the dollar man, donates ₦10 million to EFCC.

Buhari holds a graduation party for Boko Haram.

Governor Aminu Masari takes photos with bandits.

Sheikh Gumi wants Nigeria to pay reparations to bandits.

And Bullion Van Tinubu (AKA Atole) wants to be our President, while a common blackmailer, like Sowore, who blackmailed people for Buhari and APC before 2015, wants to succeed them!

Is Nigeria a Zee World drama?

Serious work has to be done by the National Orientation Agency to restore the moral fabric of society because our churches and mosques are not going to do it. They have shown that they are also part of the problem.

The minds of Nigerians have to be renewed and regenerated. Yes, leadership is an issue, but this Chidinma affair has shown that we the followers have serious issues. We ratify evil and call bad good.

And as Scripture asks:

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”-Psalm 11:3.

Right-thinking people who are condemning the show of shame that took place at the Kirikiri Correctional Centre are now being made to appear evil. We are more or less morally a dystopian society where the inmates are running the asylum.

That is the only conclusion I can draw from the mass applause and defence of Chidinma’s new status as a celebrity beauty queen.

My people, my people! What has happened to the moral fabric of Nigeria? A lot. A lot!

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