Zimbabwe: New Website to Promote Local Music

South Africa-based Zimbabwean music executive, Munyaradzi Chanetsa ,and his team have successfully launched the much-awaited music website which is set to benefit locals and diaspora artistes.

The website application dubbed “MOTI” (Masters of The Industry Africa) will focus on music business, promotions and development of the music and the artist.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Chanetsa, who was recently appointed head for Artist and Repertoire (A&R) at Sony ATV Music Publishing South Africa, said music should be treated as a business.

“The long-awaited source for music business information which is the first of its kind in Africa has finally been launched,” he revealed.

“Masters of The Industry Africa popularly referred to as MOTI is an online skill sharing platform that addresses basic information on the music industry that is currently not readily available to the creative sector.”

Chanetsa said the project had been in the pipelines for a long time and was meant to aid all the creatives across the continent.

“There is plenty of musical talent on the continent, but what is lacking is basic business knowledge that is a necessity for the success of the creatives,” he said.

“This platform provides a step by step narrative, through videos, for anyone wanting to enter the music industry as it covers all that is needed to know right from the beginning.”

Chanetsa said they will also introduce the MOTI Digital Split Sheet and Metadata Form.

“These two essential tools are freely available and to be completed as soon as a song is made to avoid potential revenue generating problems in the future that are common in the music industry,” said Chanetsa.

“An ‘#Ask A MOTI’ feature is available on the website where questions can be asked, and answers will be provided live via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok. To kick start this platform the launch will begin with a M.O.T.I Music Business Plan” video which is going to be followed with new uploaded videos that highlight other key requirements.”

Explaining how it works, Chanetsa said the “Key Team Members”, “Importance of Split Sheets”, “What Is A CMO” and “What Are NFTs” are the major points.

“All creatives across the continent are, therefore, encouraged to register and easily gain access to these educational videos which are now available on the site,” he said.

Commenting on the website, his associate, Alex Goho, of Hit Factory Company in Zimbabwe said this was welcome, especially now when artists needed assistance in building their music careers.

“Artists now will be able to take their music seriously as a business and career, henceforth the website will give a clear picture and direction on what to do and take on,” said Chanetsa.

“The idea is to take the profession of music as a job. It is more of a skills sharing platform.”


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