South Africa: Gauteng MEC Engages Group Representing E-Hailing Driver Partners

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Jacob Mamabolo, has engaged a group representing e-hailing driver partners to discuss the protest action that was planned by driver partners against the various e-hailing companies operating in the country.

The MEC, together with officials from the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, met with Unity in Diversity (“UID”) on Monday.

“The parties had a productive meeting in which it was resolved that UID will proceed with the planned protest action on 22 March 2022 subject to increased security measures and strict adherence to a safe and non-violent protest,” a joint statement of the the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and UID said on Tuesday.

The meeting formed part of an ongoing mediation process between the office of the MEC, the Department, UID as well as affected stakeholders including e-hailing companies, which was instituted for the purpose of ventilating and mediating a dispute between the e-hailing driver partners and the e-hailing companies.

“The MEC emphasised the importance of mediation and negotiation and assured the parties that mediation will be concluded in the next three months.

“UID undertook to engage with its members with a view to obtaining a mandate on the continued participation of the members in the mediation process.

“The parties are unanimous that the meeting was constructive and conducted in a collaborative manner. The parties also agreed to institutionalize regular engagements on matters of common interest,” the statement said.

UID assured the MEC that the protest will remain peaceful. They have committed to prioritizing safety and security by deploying additional marshals to the protest.


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