Zimbabwe: Robbers Raid Service Station, House and School

Three gangs of armed robbers raided a house and a school in Harare and a service station in Banket and got away with over US$13 000, R3 500, a gun and electrical appliances in three raids at the weekend.

No arrests have been made and investigations are in progress.

Police said on Sunday, three armed robbers, two of whom were armed with pistols, raided Mac Morgans Service Station in Banket, and disarmed two security guards before tying them with shoelaces.

The gang stole US$5 200, two cellphones and a .38 Rossi revolver, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said.

A gang of five armed robbers raided a house in New Tafara, Harare on Saturday and stole five cellphones, 20 pairs of shoes, three watches, a laptop, US$5 300 and R3 500 before disappearing.

Also on Saturday a gang of four raided a school at Riddle Ridge, Harare at around 11pm.

The robbers were armed with machetes, iron bars and stones and attacked security guards at a school before they broke into the administration block where they stole a 42-inch television set, a cellphone and US$2 770 , Asst Comm Nyathi said.

Last week, seven people lost over US$17 000, cars and property worth over US$9 000 and R248 000 to armed robbers who ambushed them in separate incidents countrywide.

Meanwhile, police say they are still hunting down the four robbers who recently raided a Mashwede Holdings food court and two other premises in Southlea Park, Harare, and got away with a Mitsubishi double cab and more than US$5 000. The vehicle, which was parked at the premises for safekeeping was later found dumped in Nyatsime area of Chitungwiza.

Nearby was the safe containing the cash which had been robbed at Mashwede Holdings.

Police said the robbers, who were armed with a pistol and a rifle, attacked two security guards whose hands they tied with shoelaces.

The gang then went to Virtue Service Station where they used a hammer to break a metal screen to gain entry into the premises.

They then ransacked a butchery and took away US$290 which was in one of the drawers inside an office before proceeding to a mini market at the premises where they stole electrical appliances.

The gang went to Chicken Mash owned by Mashwede Holdings and forcibly broke the aluminium doors with a hammer before attempting to break a safe which was containing cash, but failed. They loaded the safe onto the Mitsubishi truck which they later dumped. This was not the first time that Mashwede Holdings was hit by armed robbers.

In 2020, armed robbers raided Mashwede Holdings and got away with over US$100 000, R42 000, $14 000 worth of fuel coupons, firearms and 20 live rounds of ammunition.

The heist allegedly involved five Mashwede Holdings workers and nine robbers.

Among the five workers were two brothers related to the business owner, while two were security guards.

The five workers and two armed robbers, Musafare Mupamhanga, Conwell Kasambarare and their other accomplice were then arrested and appeared in court where their case is still pending.

Kasambarare who is also believed to be part of the famous Musa Taj Abdul gang, has since gone into hiding after he was granted bail.

He is facing several robbery and housebreaking charges.


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