Mauritius: Minister Bholah Effects Site Visits At Two Enterprises to Boost Exportation

The Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah, effected site visits on Wednesday 27 April 2022 at two enterprises namely Lilmo Ltd, in Pamplemousses, and Stettler (Mauritius) Ltd, in Piton. The objective was to identify bottlenecks and discuss ways to increase exportation at the level of these enterprises.

Lilmo Ltd is engaged in the manufacture of medical devices and Stettler (Mauritius) Ltd manufactures metal crowns for watches and sapphire glasses.

In a statement, Minister Bholah underlined that his Ministry is constantly carrying out visits at enterprises engaged in various fields such as textile and fashion, fisheries, handicraft and jewellery with a view to provide support and assistance to these enterprises and help them to scale up in their business activities.

He indicated that one of the main difficulty enterprises face is the lack of skilled labour and that they are unable to produce more for exportation. Government, he said, is doing its utmost best through various schemes and incentives to lift the confidence of local entrepreneurs and promote sustainability of the sector.

A growth of 50% is also expected in the next three years in the manufacturing industry, he added. Minister Bholah informed that his Ministry is working hard to remedy the situation and extract the potential of enterprises so they can tap into new markets.


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