Gambia: Muslim Umma Hails Lawyer Fafa M’bai

Lawyer Alhahjie FaFa Edrissa M’bai has made The Gambia and Africa proud. As an invited participant in the International Conference organised by The World Muslim Communities Council on Islamic Unity: Concept, Opportunities and Challenges in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 8/9 May 2022, his presentation on The Historical Grandeur of Islam, Contemporary Challenges of The Muslim ‘Umma’ and Solutions was hailed as a brilliant scholarly contribution to the success of the Conference.

Among those present was the distinguished Islamic scholar and cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Hydara Jailani; a bloodline descendant of Sheikh Abdoul Khadiri Jilani ( R A) who facilitated FaFa’s invitation “and was with us as well as the Imam Rateeb of Gunjur and veteran President of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, Alhajie Muhamad Lamin Touray, and my humble self, Sheikh Taha Muhammad Ceesay , Abu Dhabi.”


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