Liberia: National Police Launches Operation “Clear Community Ghettos”

Monrovia — The Liberia National Police has taken a vigorous stride to demolish all ghettos in an effort to reduce crimes and ensure community members move about freely without fear of being harmed or robbed.

Liberia is fast losing some of its brilliant young minds to drugs and the ghettos have been used as their hub for transactions and hiding places for people who could one day terrorize the peace that Liberians now enjoy.

The LNP in a release on Thursday disclosed the operation named and styled: “Operation Clear Community Ghettos” with an aim to clear ghettos from various communities in the wake of the rapid increase of drug addicts that has caused insecurity for peaceful Liberians to move freely.

The Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue said the operation has already commenced affecting several ghettos in Caldwell, Logan Town and Dualla and will run for a considerable time, adding that “the child who says its mother will not sleep; that child itself will not sleep”.

According to him, if anyone will perceive that this operation will short live, they must be daydreaming because the police will ensure relief is restored in various communities.

He said the LNP remains committed to raiding and clearing ghettos operating in various communities as a way of bringing relief to community residents, many of whom have suffered the pains of hijacking, armed robbery and theft of their personal belongings by criminals.

The police IG have urged community leaders and residents to take ownership of this operation by helping the Police succeed with clearing ghettos from their communities.

“As part of sustaining this operation, the LNP is working with various communities in ensuring that ghettos that are raided and burnt are not rebuilt.


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