Tanzania: Govt Intensifies GBV Fight

THE government has said that it has intensified efforts in the fight against gender and children violence as it works in collaboration with development partners and relevant ministries to ensure safety of the groups.

The remark was made this week by the Permanent Secretary in Prime Minister’s Office Policy Parliamentary Affairs and Coordination, Dr John Jingu while chairing a meeting for a steering committee for the national work plan on elimination of violence against women and children held in Dodoma.

The meeting was attended by among others permanent secretaries, representatives from various ministries and development stakeholders in the country.

“Concerted efforts by various stakeholders are required to fight violence in our society. We need to strengthen the government, sectors, ministries, departments, institutions, Civil Society Organizations, stakeholders and Defense Forces in order to speed up various plans aimed at ending the vice,” he said.

He also added that the guidelines for the preparations of the plan and the budget for 2022/2023 financial year direct the allocation of funds for the implementation of various interventions under the plan.

The PS called upon institutions and various stakeholders to see the possibility of supporting the plan in order to attain the intended objectives of ending the vice.

“I have asked our fellow development partners and civil society organizations to increase resources to fight the vice because it touches everyone in the society,” Jingu said.

He added that young people who are experts in the field of social development or related areas must be assigned to speed up efforts in the fight against the vice.

In addition, a Child Safety Specialist from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Vailet Mollel said they have been educating the public on how to control the sources of violence, pledging to support the government in preparing a new strategy 2022/2023 and coordinate defence committees from village to regional level.

“We will continue to support the government’s efforts…we will build the capacity of experts such as the police force, lawyers, and judiciary, welfare and community development officers to deal with sources of violence, such as oppressive traditions and practices through the formation of education groups,” she said..


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