Namibia: Zambezi Nurses Applauded for Dedication

International Nurses Day was commemorated in the Zambezi region on Thursday, 12 May 2022. The event was organised by Enkehaus Private Hospital, in collaboration with the health ministry.

Katima Mulilo mayor Lister Shamalaza stated that nurses’ day is a day that celebrates the people who are part of the backbone of the health system.

“It is pleasing and satisfying to see that many nurses felt the need to gather and honour the day. There are few in Namibia, particularly in Zambezi region whose lives have not been touched by the care and support that nurses provide, every hour of the day and every day of the year,” said Shamalaza.

He further applauded the nurses for the work they’ve been doing during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Nursing is the lifeblood of the country, pure and simple. Without nursing, the country dies,” he said.

According to the Katima Mulilo Town Council chairperson of the management committee John Ntemwa, International Nurses Day is a day that has been reserved to celebrate nurses who deserve to be commended for their hard work.

“You and many others before you, have contributed so much towards our wellbeing

and yet very few of us know who you are, and fewer of us truly understand the sacrifices that you have made. Even though you know that your hard work is at times dangerous, it often goes unappreciated,” stated Ntemwa.

Ntemwa further pointed out that nursing is a demanding profession, where tasks seem simple and yet complex, including nursing patients back to health, which is a rewarding challenge.

“It can be an exhausting task and at times emotionally draining. This was evident when the country was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic which has taken the lives of our loved ones,” stated Ntemwa.

Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu in a speech read on his behalf by Katima Mulilo Urban councillor Kennedy Simasiku, pointed out that nurses are the backbone of the health system.

“Being a nurse is a very special calling. It is a call from God. Today we are paying tribute to and saluting the dedicated nurses who have been making a real contribution and dedication to the health system in the Zambezi region.

Through your dedication and commitment, we have made significant progress in addressing issues of accessibility and equity and bringing hope to our citizens. You therefore have reason to feel proud for participating in reshaping service delivery in our country,” stated Sampofu.

* Kinney Ndopu is an intern at the MICT in the Zambezi region


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