Tanzania: Govt – Maximise Use of Certification On Management Systems

DEPUTY Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment, Dr Exaud Kigahe has underscored the need for the Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS) to maximize the use of the accreditation certificate on management systems.

Speaking on Monday at the Southern African Development Community Accreditation Services (SADCAS) award of accreditation certificate on management system ceremony.

“Use the accreditation to benefit the companies technical barriers in which they have to seek for foreign countries to get the management system certification” he said.

He advised TBS to give affordable rates to companies so that many can access the services for vibrant industries.

Dr Kigahe told to ensure them staff attached for the certification board must be well versed and professionals in the field for best services.

He called upon the public and public sector to go for the TBS accreditation certification as far as the management system is concerned.

TBS provides Management Systems Certification Service to manufacturers and service providers from both public and private sectors regardless of their size and type of business.

The certification service is provided to confirm that the organization or business entity carries out its activities in conformity with the requirements of International Standards.

TBS Certification Body provides the Management Systems Certification after being awarded with accreditation with SADCAS.

Speaking during the event, TBS Director-General, Dr Athumani Ngenya called upon the public and private entities to take advantage of the certification as it gives them ability to maintain consistency and increase in customer’s confidence.

“Enhance customer’s satisfaction, identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with organisation thus increase ability to demonstrate conformity to the specified product or service requirements,” Dr Ngenya said.

He said Management Systems Certification Body offers technical assistance in areas of certification services and understanding of the requirements of the standards and auditing against respective International Standards.

Technical assistance programmes are designed and implemented to promote understanding of requirements of the key certification and accreditation standards.

However, he said, implementation of these programmes is neither a pre-condition nor a guarantee for certification by the Body.

In addition, the Body does not offer specific advice for the development of business operations for the sake of maintaining impartiality principles.


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