Zimbabwe: Zambian Delegation Visits Zimbabwe to Appreciate Its Transport System

ZAMBIA has sent a 10 member delegation to assess how the Zimbabwean government is managing its transport sector working alongside private players.

The team of parliamentarians is led by Mubika Mubika and has paid a courtesy call on Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mundenda, on Monday.

Despite the prevalent poor road network in this country, Mubika said they could still learn from Zimbabwe.

“We appreciate the parliament of Zimbabwe. We are trying to pair the transport system here in Zimbabwe and in Zambia, it’s more like the same.”

He added, “The portfolio committee of transport in Zambia is here in Zimbabwe to see the infrastructure and what role the transport committee here does and to see how the locals are given the opportunity to participate in public procurement and see how the government is handling the small constructions so that we can also check and compare with what we see in Zambia.”

“We will go around and see rail transport and the airports, and the way air Zimbabwe is operating, the tolling system, roads and the public infrastructure mainly is our business.

“Mainly, it is just to interface and see where we have shortcomings and see the way forward,” said Mubika.

Zimbabwe’s portfolio committee on transport chairperson, Oscar Gorerino, welcomed the delegation.


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