Somalia: Jubaland President Speaks About the Leadership Change in Somalia

The President of Jubaland, HE Ahmed Mohamed Islam, has welcomed the recent developments in the country, noting that the country’s general elections have been awaited for some time.

The President thanked the former President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, for leading the country for the past five years and for accepting the May 15 election results.

The President also lauded Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble for his dedicated work in holding free and fair elections in the country and praised the Electoral Commission. the efficient work they have done.

The President of Jubaland called on the people of Somalia to support the new government in fulfilling its responsibilities with confidence.

On the other hand, the President said that Jubaland has suffered a lot in the past few years due to the conflict created by the Federal Government, especially in the Gedo region. owned but not relevant to the local community.

He pointed out that as of today, all development aid and services that have been blocked in the region for the past years at the federal and Jubaland levels have been released, adding that the formation of local councils will begin in Garbaharey district, the capital of Gedo region. The region will be nominated and the residents will elect their representatives.

Finally, the President said that the differences and disagreements created by the Federal Government in the region will not be targeted at the residents and that the people of Jubaland in general have equal rights and everything will be resolved through dialogue.


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