Morocco: Kwibuka 28 – Rwandans in Morocco Pay Tribute to Genocide Victims

Rwandans who live in the Kingdom of Morocco and friends this weekend met to pay tribute to over a million victims who were killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

On Friday, May, 20, around 200 people gathered in the National Library of Rabat to commemorate.

The commemoration began with the walk to remember and Zaina Nyiramatama the Rwandan ambassador to Morocco used images to take the audience through the country’s recovery journey following the Genocide.

The event included a discussion related to Rwanda’s history and the origins of the genocide ideology along with the role of colonization in spreading divisionism among Rwandans.

During the event, Nyiramatama highlighted the reasons to commemorate citing it as a way of fighting against Genocide denial. She also commended the countries who extradited the Genocide fugitives to be tried in Rwanda.

In addition, she denounced the countries which continue to offer sanctuary to genocide fugitives which she says escalates the grief by the survivors.

She also commended the survivors and Rwandans, in general, for embracing unity as a pillar of the country’s development.

In his remarks, the Minister of Justice in the Kingdom of Morocco, Abdellatif Ouahbi reiterated how the UN abandoned Rwandans during the Genocide and also pointed out that justice is important to help survivors.

Various Moroccan officials commended RPF for stopping the Genocide as well as Rwanda leadership for being able to reconcile Rwandans after the Genocide.

In addition, they talked about how Rwanda developed and has peace after the Genocide and also reaffirmed good ties between the two countries.


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