Kenya: Suspect in Mirema Shooting, ‘Denis Karani’ Surrenders to DCI

Nairobi — The main suspect in the killing of Samuel Mugoh Muvota in Nairobi’s Mirema has surrendered to police.

According to Police Spokesman Bruno Shioso, Denis Karani Gachoki surrendered to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Monday morning.

Shioso told Capital FM News that Karani ‘Is currently helping the police with investigations.”

The DCI had on Friday stated that the hitman behind the daylight shooting used a police firearm.

The investigative agency while dismissing possible involvement of security agencies in the dramatic incident however said the said firearm was stolen in November 2020.

DCI gave the statement on Friday amid spiraling questions on the authenticity of the account given by the police which had characterized the 40-year-old man killed after an assailant sprayed six bullets into his vehicle as a notorious criminal.

The agency had stated that Gachoki’s phone signal was last traced to Burnt Forest in Eldoret adding efforts to track the suspect had been futile alleging that he was working in cahoots with other rogue officers to evade arrest.

DCI indicated on one occasion, Gachoki’s accomplice was texted minutes before his arrest, “throwing a spanner in the works of a meticulous operation that had taken months to put together.”

The investigating agency further claimed that its detectives have since established that Gachoki, had fallen out with his slain boss over the sharing of proceeds from their illegal activities.

“This among other beef are suspected to have led to a bitter fallout leading to Monday’s daylight murder of Samuel Mugoh Muvota, who has left behind seven grieving widows and many children,” the DCI said.


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