Uganda: Museveni Is Reactive to the Activities of Besigye, FDC MP Says

Museveni is reactive to the activities of Besigye, FDC MP says

The Member of Parliament for Jinja City West Timothy Batuwa Lusala who subscribes to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has insisted that President Museveni’s address on the state of the economy is reactionary to the activities of opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye.

Museveni yesterday issued a statement regarding the economic situation and the increasing prices of essential commodities, urging that Ugandans should find local solutions to the high prices of imported products.


Speaking during an interview on NBS TV, Batuwa noted that Museveni had been a passenger in this whole situation until when Besigye rose up to protest.

“The impression I got was that the President is reactive to the efforts of Dr Kizza Besigye.”


According to Batuwa, although the president does not give any hope, he had to come out and express himself on the matter, since Besigye had started a campaign against the hiked prices.

“The President is in touch with what is happening but as a witness, not a solution giver. There is no hope. Even the budget doesn’t give hope,” he said.

“Ugandans hoped that maybe the President would speak about subsides or reduction in taxes, and Ugandans are now confined to the economic mistakes of the NRM,” he added.

Batuwa says that what the President is doing is to sympathize with us.

“His speech was one to comfort people, telling them we are in a certain corner that we can’t get out of.”

The MP blamed the NRM for being the architect of Uganda’s economic failures, adding that Ugandans are now “confined to the economic mistakes of the NRM”.


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