Congo-Kinshasa: Rebel Group M23 Withdraws from North Kivu

M23 rebels have withdrawn from Nyiragongo and Rutshuru territories controlled in North Kivu on Sunday May 29. Local sources say they are currently in a border village with Rwanda.

Government forces have regained control of the territories and traffic has resumed on national road number 2, linking the city of Goma to the city of Sake, sources say. The spokesperson for Sokolo 2, Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Njike Kaiko has confirmed this.

“The enemy came from Rwanda and attacked our positions, and they suddenly cut off traffic on this important highway. And today, government forces have just reopened roads”, he said.

According to civil society organizations in Nyiragongo, some villagers have returned to their homes since Sunday. Residents who fled the latest M23 attacks in Rugari and Kisigari in Rutshuru are also returning to their villages.

Translated from Radio Okapi by AllAfrica’s Michael Tantoh


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