Nigeria: Monkeypox – As Ncdc Puts in Place Safety Measures

He, however, urged health workers to be conscious of the virus while attending to patients who may present themselves with symptoms similar to that of monkeypox.

In the same vein, the NCDC emphasises that members of the public should remain aware of the risk of monkeypox and adhere to public health safety measures, specifically by reporting to the nearest health facility if they notice the known signs and symptoms of the disease.

“Healthcare workers are to maintain a high index of suspicion for monkeypox and report any suspected case to the relevant state Epidemiology Team for prompt public health intervention including sampling for confirmatory testing,” the Centre cautioned. The Centre also stated that genomic surveillance was ongoing at NCDC’s National Reference Laboratory in Abuja, and so far, all of the cases have been confirmed to be caused by West Africa clade monkeypox virus.


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