Rwanda: Rotarians Pay Medical Insurance for Nyabihu Residents

In marking its 100 days of charter, the Rotary Club of Kigali Karisimbi paid medical insurance (Mutuelle de Sante) for 100 people in Kabatwa Sector of Nyabihu District.

In its outreach activity on May 29, the Rotary Club, which was chartered in March this year, helped vulnerable residents who could not afford to pay their annual contribution to the medical insurance scheme.

Kelechi Anyanwu, the charter president of Rotary Club of Kigali Karisimbi, said they chose the Nyabihu community because of its significance.

“We are celebrating the hundred days of charter; that’s why we chose to provide 100 people with health insurance. We have chosen this community which is near Karisimbi Mountain because we took our name from this area,” Anyanwu said.

He added: “Karisimbi is the highest mountain in Rwanda. So we chose to stand tall, to be as unique as Karisimbi.”

The Rotarians said they planned more activities in Kabatwa community and eventually reach other parts of the country.

The beneficiaries said the support by the Rotarians came in time of need.

“Sometimes when we fell sick we avoided going to hospital because we did not have health insurance. Think of a sick child who is not taken to hospital because the mother cannot afford to pay for medication. We are grateful for the people who thought about us,” Claudine Nyiramahirwe said.

Elizabeth Nzayisenga said: Without health insurance, I had to use traditional medicine, which did not help so much. With this help, we’ll be able to go to hospital and pay for medication for the next year.”

The Rotarians also donated sanitary materials.


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