Kenya: Govt Extends Marsabit Curfew By Further 30 Days

Nairobi — The government has extended the dusk to dawn curfew in Marsabit by thirty days due to increased insecurity in the region.

According to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, the extension will enable the ongoing operation there to meet its targets.

He said that “there shall be no public gatherings, procession or movement either alone of as a group during the period of the curfew except as has been permitted in writing by the Inspector General of the National Police Service.”

The notice did not include Kom Durte area of Isiolo County as it was in the earlier one.

A General Service Unit commander who steered a security operation in troubled Laikipia area in 2021 is in charge of the operation.

Following the initial 30-day curfew, Matiangi had stated that the movement restrictions will allow security teams to contain the ongoing criminal activities in the region.

The activities, he said, were being carried out by unnamed groups including those linked to terrorism.

Matiangi ordered a crackdown on illegal mining activities which seem to support the rise in insecurity.

“We have noticed a nexus between the proliferation of illegal firearms in Marsabit and some activities in the neighboring Isiolo County. There are some illegal mining activities that are going on and seem to be funding terrorists,” Matiangi said.

Matiangi had also declared Kom Sub-location in Isiolo County as a disturbed area for the next 30 days adding that the government has been moving security resources in the area to deal with suspected bandits.

He revealed that the government had initially called for talks with leaders from the region and given them one week to restore calm in the region. However, the leaders failed to do so, leading to an increase in attacks in the county.


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