Kenya: Covid-19 Billionaires Were Allies to Those Tasked With Graft War – Ruto

Nairobi — Deputy President William Ruto has faulted his own administration in the fight against corruption saying it has failed because of selective implementation.

In a meeting with European Commission (EU), DP Ruto cited the Sh7.8 billion Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) saying those involved were close friends to those in government tasked with fighting corruption.

“The COVID billionaires escaped because they were friends with the people who wanted to fight corruption. If the fight against corruption was left to institutions the covid billionaires would be behind bars right now,” he said.

Although DP Ruto didn’t mention names, it is in the public domain that Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe who is a key ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta was implicated in the mega graft scandal.

Two companies involved in the Kemsa Covid-19 equipment supply scandal mentioned Murathe in the scam.

The Deputy President assured that his administration will be institutionalized and not personalized like the Jubilee regime.

“The fight against corruption must be institutionalized and not personalized. It must be weaponized against your political opponents and the people you don’t like and protecting the corrupt who are you political allies and family,” stated Ruto.

The Presidential hopeful promised to revitalize the fight against corruption by operationalizing institution involved in the fight against graft by ensuring autonomy when it comes to funding.

“We are very clear as Kenya Kwanza that we need a financially independent Judiciary. As we talk there is a huge gap of judges to expedite cases that take 5 or 15 years,” Ruto stated.


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