Uganda: MP Kazibwe Bashir Accused of ‘Abandoning’ Constituency

A group of people from Kawempe South has accused their area MP, Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira of neglecting them after being voted to the August House, claiming that the legislator has never set foot in the constituency to ascertain how his people are doing.

Led by Tony Mukisa, the group claimed voters are in tears and are angry due to the high price of commodities and other issues affecting them but the legislator has never been heard either on radio, television or on the floor of parliament speaking about their plight.


In a letter written to their area MP, the group reminded their area MP that when he was looking for votes he promised to fully address their issues such as education, health, employment (youth) among others.

“You promised us as you were contesting to represent people of Kawempe South. We are here to remind you after a year in Parliament we haven’t seen any of those things. Particularly voters are in tears and are angry due to the high prices of commodities. We need your voice on the floor of parliament,” the letter read in part.


The group accused him of forgetting NUP’s core values of: remember NUP core values of: teamwork, integrity, compassion, respect, excellence, among others.

“Lastly remember the teams which campaigned for you during elections they need your time but it’s like you used them after reaching on top you dumped them, ffe Majje Gakutaka, it will be grateful to see your reply,” said the group.

Our effort to talk to Kazibwe were futile.


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