Ghana: Youth Urged to Eschew Disorderliness to Become Responsible Future Leaders

The immediate past President of the Calvary Apostolic Revival Church, Apostle Ismael Anum Sai has admonished the youth to be law abiding in order to become responsible leaders in future.

According to him, the living conditions of the country could only change for the better, if the next generation of leaders were responsible and eschewed all forms of disorderliness.

Speaking at the church dedication of the Beautiful Gate House of Zion Ministry at Lante George in Accra on Saturday, he said “we cannot be a better country if young people are not guided to respect law and order from their homes, churches and work places.”

“Charity begins at home and parents must guide children to become responsible citizens, otherwise they would carry on their bad attitudes into leadership in churches and other positions in society which would not be helpful as far as national development is concerned,” he stated.

He said, the over politicisation of national issues could also hamper development and the youth must desist from same.

He, therefore, condemned conveners of the “#FixTheCountry” movement for planning to embark on an armed demonstration on June 4.

The group had requested that they wanted to use private security and be armed for the scheduled demonstration which they later cancelled and apologised for their “wrong approach.”

“Such things must not be allowed in this country and we should be able to stand against wrong doings to give a better future to the next generation,” he stated.

He urged all political parties to come together to ensure that laws of the country were obeyed by everyone despite their political affiliations.

He also commended the church for putting up the edifice that would be used to guide and train young people to become responsible citizens and leaders in future.

A very emotional Founder of the church, Rev. Irene Ashong Kodi said, the church was committed to supporting the needy in their community while empowering people to renew their faith in Christ.

“It is important to build the church to the Glory of the Lord while using it the bless everyone within the community and beyond by helping the needy in society,” she stated.

She urged other churches to use part of the offerings they get from church members to support the needy especially in the areas of education and employment.

“That would go a long way to avoid social vices and challenges including armed robbery and teenage pregnancies,” she stressed.

She expressed appreciation to community leaders and individuals for supporting the project which would go a long way to help raise great leaders for the country.


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