Tanzania: Mwinyi Lauds Faith Organisations Support

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi has hailed the role played by Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) in supporting development programmes in the Isles.

Dr Mwinyi made the remark over the weekend when he held talks with leaders and members of the Istiqama Community in Zanzibar at the State House, as a continuation of his meetings with various religious communities and FBOs in the Isles.

“The government has created a conducive environment for religious and FBOs to operate peacefully.

It is good that you are utilising the opportunity well by serving people,” said Dr Mwinyi.

During the meeting, Dr Mwinyi said that the government is impressed by religious and non-religious institutions for having programmes that help the people by providing social services in various aspects.

“We also thank you for promoting peace and stability along with providing a wide range of social services including water, education, and health,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He also said that educating the community on religious issues and the importance of being good citizens helps to bring stability to the country, and that the government remains committed to provide its assistance to the communities when needed, stressing that its doors are open at all times.

Dr Mwinyi was informed about a number of challenges facing the Istiqama Community, including poor infrastructure such as roads heading to one of its schools ‘Mahadi Istiqama Tunguu.’

President Mwinyi promised to work on the challenges.

The Isles leader also ex- plained the government’s efforts to combat gender based violence and sexual abuse, by strengthening different measures including setting-up special courts to handle GBV related cases.

He said rape and defilement will remain among non- bailable offences as part of the measures to check GBV and violence against children, while insisting on increased public awareness through religious teachings.

Earlier, Deputy Secretary of the Istiqama Community in Zanzibar Sheikh Salum Nassor Salum expressed gratitude to the President for working closely with their community as well as fulfilling his promise to meet various communities and different religious leaders.

He explained how the Istiqama Community is getting great cooperation from the eighth phase government led by Dr Mwinyi.

“Our community was es- tablished to serve Zanzibar as a whole.

Another objective is to contribute to education and promote social cohesion,” Sheikh Salum said.

Sheikh Salum also explained that the community has been focusing on providing quality health services, particularly targeting women and children, providing a wide range of social services and encouraging charity work to help those in need.

The community runs primary, secondary schools and Al Rahma Hospital at Kilimani area, which was built in 2000 to provide a wide range of services, including a special unit for women patients who are cared for by women doctors.

He cited a number of other services provided by the organisation, including transporting pilgrims to perform the hajj in Saudi Arabia, water drilling services, providing food services during the month of Ramadan, and construction of mosques and its management.


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