South Africa: Mishandling of the Ramaphosa Farm Forex Theft Reflected in State Accountability Documents

As more questions arise over the February 2020 forex and cash theft at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala wildlife farm, it has emerged there is a serious omission of this in the SAPS annual report — thus compromising a key oversight and accountability tool.

The 2019/20 SAPS annual report (South African Police Service Annual Report 2019/2020) states:

“In 2019/2020, a total number of 84,756 protection services were provided by 14 Static Units, which covered 88 identified VIP residences, 29 strategic installations, which are located throughout South Africa, as well as nine buildings occupied by the SAPS. No security breaches occurred during protection duties [emphasis added].”

And specifically on the Presidential Protection Service responsible for “the Presidency and identified VIPs”, the 2019/20 annual report states:

“Their dignity and its resources [sic] are protected with diligence, implement security measures to counter threats and risks that can cause harm to the Presidency, dignity of such Presidency, employees, assets, critical information and operations of the Presidency and identified VIPs. A 24-hour static protection service was provided to 21 identified VIP residences and three offices, without security breaches [emphasis added].”

That this is not true emerged courtesy of ex-spy boss Arthur Fraser’s affidavit and criminal…


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