Kenya: World Record? Yes I Will Break It! Says Confident Ferdinand Omanyala

Nairobi — African 100m record holder Ferdinand Omanyala believes he has what it takes to break Usain Bolt’s 9.58secs world record set in 2009 in Berlin, and he is optimistic the mark is within his reach in the near future.

With a Personal best of 9.77secs which is the eighth fastest 100m of all time, Omanyala believes if he can tactically improve a few aspects of his race, he has what it takes to become the first Kenyan to ever hold a sprint world record.

“Just believe,” Omanyala told Capital Sport.

“I have started to get a perfect start and in the last four I have been really good. It is just about the fifth to 10th step where there’s a bit of delay. I want to correct on that and improve on the transition from low drive to top speed running. If I get it smooth I believe I will save up to 0.3secs of my MP,” a confident Omanyala said.

He added; “I believe it is possible. One day one time Kenyans will wake up in the morning to see on their screens that I have broken the World record and I am really prepared for it.”

His coach Duncan Ayiemba is also optimistic that Omanyala can break the World record.

“He is really prepared for it and with the shape that he is in right now, I will not be surprised if he does it. The World Record is just about having the perfect weather and then it happens. In terms of shape and fitness, I believe he is there,” Ayiemba, who has coached the 26-year old since 2016.

Omanyala who set the African record and his PB at the Kip Keino Classic last year started off his season with the World Indoor Tour and reached the semi-finals of the World Indoor Championships.

His aim was to try and improve his movement off the blocks in the 60m dash and he says he accomplished his ambition.

He has only lost one race this year, at a meet in Germany, something his coach Ayiemba has attributed to over confidence.

“I think he underrated the guy. In sprints, once you let someone take two or three steps ahead of you then it’s done. He realized it when the guy had already sped off and he was also not willing to slow down. Also, he had a minor strain on his back which I think made him a bit more cautious,” the coach stated.

Omanyala is currently in Mauritius for the World Indoor Championships, where he hopes he can lower his personal best and possibly run 9.60secs.

“I believe I can run a 9.6 in the next few months and if I get a perfectly executed race, then I will run a World Record. I am ready for it any time any place,” he said.

His coach Ayiemba is equally optimistic.

“9.6 is in sight and in Mauritius, I think he is capable of running 9.7. He has trained really well and his confidence is improved,” said Ayiemba, who has accompanied him to the African Championship.

The 26-year old sprint sensation says he wants to win three titles at the African Championship having qualified for the 100m, 200m and the 4x100m relay.

“Mauritius will be a huge stepping stone and I am going there for three gold medals. I believe I will do that and I am confident about it. I am ready and in good shape,” Omanyala said.

He added; “There’s competition but I don’t think they will match up to my standards. They should come ready for a big battle and come prepared only to lessen the gap.”

His coach Ayiemba said; “I believe he can get the 100m and 200m. The 4x100m is a team effort and hopefully the team clicks well and they execute a perfect race.”

The African championships gun off in Mauritius on Wednesday, with Omanyala set to compete in the Heats on the opening day of the competition.


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