Kenya: I’ll Scale Up Snake Farming to Generate Revenues to Pay Sh8.4tn Debt – Wajackoyah

Nairobi — Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah has promised to upscale snake farming in Kenya in a bid to create sufficient venom supply for the manufacture of antivenin for medical purposes.

Wajackoyah who has also proposed the legalization of Marijuana for medical use said snake farming had the potential to generate sufficient revenues to help offset the national debt which stands at Sh8.4 trillion with the debt ceiling raised to Sh10 trillion.

“It’s not only Marijuana, we’re introducing snake farming so that we can actually extract snake poison for purposes of medication,” he said while appearing on Citizen Television’s JKL show on Wednesday night.

The Roots Party leader, who is among four candidates in the August 9 State House race, also said the move would help mainstream the snake meat market which operates secretly without regulation.

“We have so many snake eaters in this country like the Chinese. One of the ways we’ll offset their debts is by manufacturing snake medicine and giving the Chinese the rest of the snakes to eat,” he said.

The attorney who never shies away from controversy has defended his radical proposals including on the legalization of Marijuana, a trade that has seen many jailed, saying a regulated cannabis industry could generate as much as USD3 billion for 1,000 acres in exports.

His running mate Justina Wambui Wamae said cannabis farming in China was generating millions of dollars in export revenues.

“China in 2021 planted 169,000 acres of marijuana and made USD1.2 billion in returns. Here is China that we are Sh9 trillion in debt, meaning we are spending China’s marijuana money on our projects,” she remarked.

“If you do the math, and we have Galana Kulalu, a 1 million-acre project that failed, for obvious reasons, then why should we take loans from China at high interest yet we have arable land and labour? It is about time we decolonize the minds of our people,” Wamae added.

China is project to produce 50 per cent of the global cannabis supply although it is illegal for its nationals to grow it at home.


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