Liberia: Teens Get 25 Years Imprisonment for Acid Attack On Motorcyclist

Palala — Two teens were sentenced Monday by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Bong County for wasting acid in the eyes of a 21-year-old motorcyclist in Duta, Palala District.

Rufus Moses, 19, and Daniel Dolokelen, 18, had each pleaded guilty to their commission of the crimes of Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Criminal Conspiracy.

The victim, Isaac Stubberfield, has gone blind.

The incident happened September 30, 2021 in the town of Duta, Kpaii District. Explaining his ordeal, Stubblefield told the court: “I took Rufus Moses and Daniel Dolokelen in Duta, Kpaii District at around 8:00pm while enroute to Palala. They told me they were going to their girlfriends’ place in Palala, and I said no problem. I agreed because we are friends. While on our way they later told me that I should stop on the highway to allow them smoke their marijuana, and I said yes. When I stopped Rufus wasted the acid in my eyes and I dropped. I could hear him telling his friend to let’s go before before see us here,” he said.

“They escaped with the bike. After few hours I was rescued by another motorcyclist who was enroute to Palala. He asked me why was I doing at that time in the middle of the highway, and I explained to him what happened. He rode me over his bike to Palala. I told him that my friends wasted acid in my eyes and took away my bike.”

“The next morning my friends motorcyclists launched a vigorous haunt for Daniel and Rufus and later saw them on their way to Ganta to sell the bike.”

Both Rufus and Dolokelen were sentenced to 25 years. The victim’s sister, Comfort Stubblefield, is asking well-meaning citizens of Liberia to aid her brother in seeking advanced medical treatment. She said: “Since the incident our brother has lost his sight. We are downhearted because he was our breadwinner.


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