Tanzania: Speaker Directs Government’s Investigation On Wild Animals Attacks

THE Parliament has given the Government a three-month ultimatum to do thorough research on the claims raised by some legislators over the increase of incidences of wild animals attacking people and settlements near national parks. In her guidance, National Assembly Speaker, Dr Tulia Ackson issued the ultimatum to the Government, ordering that the House should get the report within that period.

According to Dr Tulia, last week two MPs, Mwita Waitara of Tarime Urban and Phillip Mulugo of Songwe raised concerns in the House, saying that wild animals’ attacks in their areas had caused massive destruction of properties, crops and deaths.

Giving the explanations in the Parliament yesterday, the Speaker said after the MPs had raised the concerns but with not enough evidences.

“On June 3, 2022, I directed the two MPs to come up with proof on what they claimed concerning animal attacks that caused deaths and injuries to people. Mr Waitara claimed that several people have died and other sustained serious injuries due to wild animal from Serengeti National Park attacking them whereby Mulugo also claimed that many people have lost their lives in Mbeya due to the same incidents,” she asserted.

The Speaker said the lawmakers brought their explanations in writing but they both failed to prove openly if their data were correct as they ended up submitting the same concerns which they raised in the House without putting concrete explanations on the correctness of their statements.

“The MPs’ explanations haven’t proved correct their statements on deaths and destruction caused by wild animal attacks in their areas. So, the House will not take this as the correct information as it is a serious matter but rather leave it to the government to investigate and bring the correct report here,” she said.

Dr Tulia wanted the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa to supervise it and make sure that within three months, a detailed report is brought before the House for MPs to know the situation.


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