Africa: Sudanese Abroad – ‘AU-IGAD-UNITAMS Negotiations Legitimise Coup Regime’

Sudan — The United Sudanese Revolutionary Forces Abroad (USRFA), a revolutionary coordination body of more than 31 Sudanese bodies and entities across the world, expressed their disappointment and rejection of the Trilateral AU-IGAD-UNITAMS negotiations with the coup government.

In their statement on June 11, the USRFA centre were steadfast in their opposition of any talks that sought to legitimise the coup government and exonerate “those who committed unspeakable atrocities in Sudan”.

The various signatories also used the statement as an opportunity to highlight the sacrifices of the “millions of peaceful protesters across Sudan, tirelessly putting their lives and wellbeing in grave danger”.

According to the USRFA, anything other than the complete rejection of the AU-IGAD-UNITAMS negotiations, would “only maintain and strengthen the set back by the coup regime”.

The organisation concluded their statement by reiterating that, they stood firmly with the people of Sudan in their goals to end the coup, establish a civilian-led democratic government, and ensure the military return to their barracks.


Since the initial 26 signatories of the United Sudanese Revolutionary Forces Abroad, at least another five organisations have joined, but their names have not yet been released.

Sudanese Working Group

Sudanese gather abroad to support revolution

British and Irish Engineers Union

International Committee Against Dams

Nubian Assembly of the Gulf

Sudanese-American Women’s Organization in Washington

Janjawedi military coup resistance platform in Queensland, Australia

Sudanese Assembly in Belgium

Sweden Revolution Support Network

Philadelphia Democratic Alliance

New Jersey Centre for Democracy and Peace

Sudanese Group of Victims of Torture

Sudanese Front for Change

Sudanese Network for Human Rights – Observer

Popular Campaign for Rights and Duties

Al Shayeb Cultural Forum

Norway Revolution Support Initiative

Our people movement in the United States of America

A platform for freedom, peace, and justice in the displaced

Former judges gather

Officers describe arbitrarily dismissed officers and soldiers and police pensions (Tomorrow’s Gathering )

Sudanese Magdrin Pulpit

Voice of the Intifada Radio

Southern California Cultural Forum

Sudanese Women’s Union of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Sudanese Club of Berlin


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