Zimbabwe: Police Probe Chitungwiza Woman Murder

Police have intensified investigations into the death of Chitungwiza woman, Moreblessing Ali, whose body was found mutilated after her disappearance three weeks ago.

Preliminary investigations show she was last seen in the company of her estranged boyfriend.

The two reportedly had an altercation before she disappeared. Ali’s body was on Saturday found in a decomposing state at plot number 321 Denota Farm, Beatrice.

Police are looking for Ali’s ex-boyfriend, Pius Jamba in connection with the murder. By yesterday, forensic science analysts were still trying to make proper identification of the corpse.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the developments yesterday and said investigations were still in progress.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms the discovery of a mutilated body at plot number 321 Denota Farm, Beatrice, in a well on the 11th of June, 2022. The body was observed by Linnah Mukandi aged 57, who is the mother to the suspect Pius Jamba.

“The police have been in contact with Moreblessing Ali’s family. We have stepped up the identification process through forensic science analysts. The results will be made public as soon as they are out,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police said they were disturbed by some politicians, including some lawyers, who are issuing threats to Government officials and the police in connection with this case.

“Some are openly inciting violence. The public is urged to be patient and allow the current criminal investigations to proceed smoothly. The police reiterates that this is a callous and heinous crime of which all efforts will be made to ensure that suspects are brought to book without fail.

“However, any form of intimidation or threats under the guise of politics or social media antics are being monitored by the police.

“Politicians should not interfere with criminal investigations and allow the due processes of the law to be followed. The police will leave no stone unturned in order to locate the suspect, Pius Jamba and any other suspects linked to this case. Police will release detailed information soon,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.

Meanwhile, in a recent detailed statement, Asst Comm Nyathi revealed the sequence of events leading to the disappearance of Moreblessing Ali at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, on the outskirts of Chitungwiza on May 24.

Asst Comm Nyathi said the police had been working flat out to find the missing person whose disappearance had nothing to do with political activism as has been claimed on social media.

“Police have taken note of various allegations and insinuations around the disappearance of Moreblessing Ali on 24 May 2022 at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, Nyatsime in Beatrice.

“Initial police investigations have revealed that on 24 May 2022, at 2030 hours, Moreblessing Ali and her friend Kirina Mayironi went to drink beer at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre.

“Moreblessing Ali was also in the company of her dog. At around 2100 hours, the two women were approached by Moreblessing Ali’s former boyfriend Pius Jamba who openly told Moreblessing Ali that her dog was irritating him.

“Moreblessing Ali ignored Pius Jamba who went on to pull a pair of catapults from his trousers’ pocket and tried to strike the dog but missed and struck Kirina Mayironi,” read the statement in part.

After being attacked by Jamba, Mayironi sought refuge inside a nightclub.

“Pius Jamba then had a scuffle with Moreblessing Ali and dragged her into the darkness. The two disappeared. All this was clearly observed by Kirina Mayironi who later went home in the company of Washington Mutsviri.

“On 25 May 2022, Kirina Mayironi made a report of assault against Pius Jamba and another concerning the disappearance of Moreblessing Ali and her ex-boyfriend Pius Jamba,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.

And contrary to unfounded assertions that Jamba is a Zanu PF activist, investigations by the police have revealed that he is not.

“Police investigations have also established that Pius Jamba is not a member of any political party as alleged by some social media activists and politicians. Currently there is no evidence to show that Simba Chisango (a Zanu PF activist) is also linked to the disappearance of Moreblessing Ali or the scuffle which occurred at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre”.

According to police inquiries, a jilted Pius Jamba was accusing Moreblessing Ali of dumping him after he had spent a lot of money on her during their love affair.

As investigations into the matter continue, police called for restraint and responsible leadership.


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