Benefits of Merino Wool from the African Merino Sheep

The merino sheep is found only in a limited number of places in the world. In addition to New Zealand and Argentina, the sheep species is also found in Africa. The well-known breed of sheep roams mainly in South Africa. Did you know that merino wool from this African sheep has many advantages? Let us tell you more about it.

Merino sheep discovered in Morocco

The merino sheep is one of the best-known sheep species today. However, did you know that the origin of the merino sheep is in Africa? Originally, the merino sheep came from a small Berber tribe in the North African country of Morocco. This African Berber tribe is responsible for the success of the merino sheep. During their Spanish rule they established the so-called “Mesta”. This is a kind of guild of sheep farmers who had to steer the breeding of merino sheep in the right direction.

Much used

Nowadays the merino wool from the merino sheep is used for many purposes. Especially in the clothing industry people are big users of merino wool. Think of many a top athlete who uses merino wool clothing during sports. But also with many business people men’s sweaters (in Dutch ” herentruien “) or shirt long sleeve of merino wool can not be missed. Why is this? Merino wool offers many advantages!

Fine properties

Merino wool is famous the world over for its many fine qualities. There is hardly a softer fabric, which also offers the strength of merino wool. In addition, merino wool is naturally antibacterial with breathability. This means less sweat on your body while wearing merino wool clothing. Merino wool even absorbs the odor molecules from sweat, which are only released during washing in the washing machine. Speaking of which, all merino wool clothing can be simply washed in the washing machine on the wool wash program these days. When doing so, keep in mind a maximum temperature (30 degrees) and do not set the spin higher than 600 rpm.

Need a washing machine?

By the way, you don’t need to use the washing machine very often. The antibacterial properties of merino wool mean that merino wool clothing can last a long time without having to be washed. Often, just hanging it out overnight is enough for it to be fresh again the next day! In this way, you can wear the clothing 7 times before the washing machine is needed.

Choose merino wool

All these beautiful natural properties make merino wool an extremely comfortable fabric to wear. In the hot summer because of its antibacterial properties, and in the colder period because of its temperature regulating ability.


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