Nigeria: I’ll Not Quit My Quest to Better Nigeria, Says Samson Uchenna Charles

The National leader, Foundation For New Nigeria, FFN, Sampson Uchenna Charles, on Monday, reaffirmed commitment to ensure that Nigeria achieves its potential through his political ambition.

Charles made this known in a statement, in Abuja, while trying to respond to rumours that he had bowed-out from his presidential ambition.

According to him, I want to reassure you that we have not quit this race. I am not a quitter. I am more encouraged and energised for us to get to the promised land.

Charles, while noting that Nigeria has been greatly plundered and destroyed by insincere leaders, said that Nigeria needs a leader who would give it time and the needed sacrifices.

While seeking the support of women, he harped on the need for Nigeria to engage leaders who have strong capacity, strength, unity, and sacrifices to get it repaired.

His words: “I cannot do this job, I cannot continue with this vision without your backing. Because the essence of what we’re doing is to dry the tears of our widows, of our single mothers, of our neglected vulnerable women across the nation. I am always yours. You are the neck that holds the throne of Nigeria.

“And, I cannot do it without you. I still need your support. Our nation is so dilapidated. Our country’s so destroyed. It’s not a journey we can achieve in one day.

“For what has been destroyed and so destroyed, it needs time and sacrifices to be repaired. I likened our country to a ship, a vessel that has gone underneath the ocean. We need strong capacity, strength of unity, prayers of sacrifices to pull this vessel out of the bottom of the ocean.”

He, however, beseeched the Nigerian women not to relent on their support for him, stating that he needs the support of the Nigerian women to clinch his political ambition.

Charles asked them to continue praying for the country as it is currently going through a trying phase, while holding still on their support for him.

“I beg of you to continue to pray for our nation. Continue to pray for Sampson Uchenna Charles; continue to give me a support that we may be able to drag this vessel out of its dilapidated state and bring it ashore to begin to create a new nation where your children and generation unborn will be proud to say that they are Nigerians.

“A lot has gone wrong with our country, it burdens me. I see our daughters all over the nation who have finished their schools and have become tools to be utilised by these evil machinated fools, who themselves orchestrated difficulties today; that have plunged our nation”, he said.

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