Tanzania: Speed Up Construction of Govt City, Contractors Told

THE government has called on contractors working on the second phase of the Ministry’s buildings at Mtumba Government Town (Magufuli City) in Dodoma to speed up the project and complete on time as stipulated in the construction agreement.

The call was made by the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of Policy, Parliamentary Affairs and Coordination, Dr John Jingu, when he inspected the progress of the construction.

He said the construction was progressing well but encouraged the contractors to increase manpower to speed up the construction.

Dr Jingu instructed them to mobilise more building equipment, a step that he said will facilitate the work to be done at the much more pace.

“We expect the that the offices will be occupied immediately after completion of the projects so as to meet the demand of office space for ministries… hence this calls for much more pace in construction,” he said.

He added that it is government’s responsibility to ensure that the town (Mtumba) has the quality and stable infrastructure to embrace the dream of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere to make Dodoma the capital of the country.

The Secretary of the National Committee to coordinate the government’s plan to relocate to Dodoma Mr Meshack Bandawe, noted that the ongoing construction is for 26 ministries and until early June, some 26 buildings have reached various stages of construction.

“The construction of the Office of the President Public Service and Good Governance has reached 54 per cent, the Office of the Prime Minister Policy, Parliament and Coordination and the Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs are now at 35 per cent.

“This work is going well and is expected to be completed in June to October 2023,” he said, adding that some of the buildings will be completed by March 2023.


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