Nigeria: 33 Nigerian Players Scouted for Pro Contracts With Euro Clubs

Thirty-three players have been selected for professional contracts with clubs in Europe after the five-day Ejike Ugboaja FC scouting programme that ended in Abuja over the weekend. The intensive exercise attracted five scouts from Europe.

The bulk of the selected players are from Ejike Ugboaja FC. They include, Gabriel Abu Gaiya, Philip Segun, Eke Victor Elvis, Joseph Lelachukwu, Joel Ezra, Ibrahim Hussaini, Shauibu Garba and Yusuf Dami Ola.

Others include Lukman Abdulhameed, Morientex FC Kaduna, Stephen Osuimori, Global Football Academy Zaria, Obere Emmanuel, Ejele Football Academy, Delta State, Benson Richmond and Ejele Football Academy, Delta State.

Chairman of Ejike Ugboaja FC, the organisers of the programme, Christopher Ejike Ugboaja, announced the list yesterday.

He congratulated the players who made the list and also showered praises on those who participated in the programme.

He urged them not to be discouraged and keep training to make it in another talent hunt exercise in the future.

Ugboaja also thanked the scouts for honoring his invitation for the exercise, commending them for a thorough scouting that involved about 500 players from 28 teams in about five days.

Meanwhile, one of the scouts, Mr. Queirolo Fillipo from Italy, admitted after the programme that praised Nigeria for being endowed with lots of talents with impressive football skills.


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