Rwanda: EU Court Delays Transfer of UK Migrants to Rwanda

The European Court of Human Rights has caused a delay in the transfer of migrants and asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda following an approval of a last-minute injunction.

The injunction was applied for by an Iraqi national who had appealed against his transfer.

This led to the other migrants suddenly applying to the same court and as result, it delayed the transfer process, according to media reports.

On April 14, Rwanda and the United Kingdom announced a major partnership under which the former will receive migrants and asylum seekers from the UK.

Rwandan officials have since the signing of the partnership indicated that Rwanda’s interests are solely contributing to providing a solution to the already broken global asylum system that is currently being exploited by human traffickers.

In a media briefing held on June 15, Government Spokesperson Yolande Makolo insisted that Rwanda is driven by experiences in managing migrants, offering them a dignified lifestyle and facilitating them to formerly relocate to places of their choice.

According to Makolo, Rwanda had taken in close to 1000 migrants who were stranded in Libya who were resettled in Rwanda and majority facilitated to relocate to other countries.

The decision by the European Court of Human Rights implies that the migrants will stay until their claims are adjudicated in the UK courts.

UK media had reported that a plane that was meant to carry the migrants and asylum seekers was already secured and ready to take off with the first group bound to Rwanda.

Reacting to the latest development, Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary expressed disappointment that the European Court had ignored the successive rulings that okayed the transfers.

“Many of those removed from this flight will be placed on the next. We will not be deterred from doing the right thing and delivering our plans… Our legal team are reviewing every decision made on this flight and preparation for the next flight begins now,” she was quoted in the UK media as saying.



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